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   Frequently Asked Questions   

Why choose Ensemble Music Studio?

Carmelia has a personalized approach for each student, always keeping in mind your goals. Lessons are meant to be collaborative and exploratory so musical concepts are fully understood and not just memorised. Games and hands-on activities make music fun and accessible to musicians at all levels and ages. A multi-instrumentalist teacher brings a different perspective, with borrowed concepts and varied experiences. Plus, family members can conveniently take lessons on different instruments from the same teacher!

How much do I have to practice?

For the most consistent progress, students are encouraged to practice daily, but individual practice schedules and activities may look different for each student depending on their goals and priorities. The more work you put in, the faster you will see improvements!

Can I take lessons in my own home?

Yes! I am available to travel around the Sud-Ouest and potentially other locations. I add a travel fee to each lesson​ to cover travel time and costs. It is much easier for me to travel if there are multiple students in the same area - so make sure to refer your friends!

What piano should I buy?

All students should have a full 88-key acoustic or digital piano to practice on. The keys should be weighted and velocity-sensitive (so you can play dynamics), and it should have a sustain pedal. Synthesizer sounds and additional features are not necessary, although they may be fun to play with! Yamaha digital pianos are a good option that will be sufficient for at least your first couple years.

What trumpet should I buy?

Yamaha makes excellent student and professional trumpets. Other good options for a student trumpet are Bach and Jupiter. Your basic trumpet kit should also come with valve oil, a trumpet cleaning snake, mouthpiece brush, and an optional polishing cloth.

What flute should I buy?

For students with smaller hands, a closed-hole flute with offset G keys is recommended to reduce strain and development of bad habits. Yamaha, Jupiter, and Gemeinhardt all offer quality student flutes that should last several years with proper care. It will come with a cleaning rod, but you will need a soft cotton cloth to dry the inside of the flute each time after you play.

Why choose Ensemble?
Practice and Preparedness
Purchasing Instruments
Can I take lessons at home?
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