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   Studio Policies   

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   Studio Expectations    
  • Ask questions, be curious!

  • Punctual attendance to lessons with all materials (assignment book, pencil, eraser, all relevant music)

  • Follow a regular practice routine (with parental help if necessary)

  • Be prepared for lessons

  • Ensure student has the required equipment and materials to practice

  • Attend lessons (with young/beginner students) in order to assist with practice or upon request (for older students)

  • Register for optional performances and activities

  • Be encouraging and supportive of your student's success!

  • Provide a positive and supportive learning environment

  • Maintain musicianship and pedagogy proficiency

  • Personalize teaching methods to the student's learning style

  • Collaborate with the student to provide a well-rounded musical education working towards the student's individual goals

All members of the studio are expected to treat one another and anyone else using the studio space with respect. The same respect should also be extended to studio materials, instruments, games, etc.

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   Tuition, Fees, and Payment    

Payments may be made:

  • By cash, post-dated cheque or e-transfer

  • Either as full semester payment upon signing contract or in monthly instalments before the first lesson of the month


  • 30 minutes: $400/semester, $100/month

  • 45 minutes: $512/semester, $128/month

  • 60 minutes: $640/semester, $160/month

There is an additional administration fee charged yearly as well as fees per lesson for travel. For full details, please email directly.

The student is responsible for all costs related to educational material, however, the teacher is available to recommend and source materials (to be reimbursed afterwards).

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   Absences and Cancellations   

Lessons can be rescheduled or made up in the following cases only:

  • At least 24-hour notice is given

  • Sudden illness, injury, or other emergency

Make-up lessons

  • Make-up lessons cannot be rescheduled

  • Any lessons that have not been rescheduled by the end of the contract will be forfeited and non-refundable


The teacher may also cancel lessons with appropriate notice or due to illness. The student can choose either to reschedule the missed lesson or be credited the amount on the following contract.

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   Terminating Lessons    

Students are expected to participate in all lessons as laid out in the contract. If a student becomes disinterested or discouraged, please bring it to the teacher's attention immediately so we can try to resolve it together for everyone's benefit!

While music-making can be incredibly fun and rewarding, it does take discipline and a solid commitment. In the case that a student wishes to terminate a contract before the specified term is completed, at least one month's written notice is required. One month's tuition will be due if a student wishes to terminate the contract immediately.

The teacher also reserves the right to reject applications or terminate a contract for reasons including poor practice habits, lack of interest, poor attitude or behaviour. The teacher may or may not refer the student to a different teacher, instrument, or activity.

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